Merchant Privacy Policy
Effective: January 31, 2023
This privacy policy describes how the website and iEatery Merchant mobile application (app) collects, use, and protects the personal information provided by you (partner seller) when you sign up to become a partner seller through those platforms (website).

iEatery Ltd. (collectively referred to as "iEatery," "we," "us," "site," or "our"), is committed to protecting your (partner seller) privacy.

We collect and record your personal information, official documents about you and your business when you register as an iEatery Partner Seller. Additionally, we collect your location information and phone number to allow you to fulfil customer orders. The full list of information collected within the app is provided in the bottom section.
Section 1: How will we use the information we collect from you (Partner Seller)?
iEatery does not collect any personal information about our (partner seller) through the iEatery Merchant App. All information (mentioned below) is collected through official documents.

Then, we input all information (mentioned below) on our website and app (iEatery Merchant App). However, a partner seller can view and edit some information (mentioned below) through the app (iEatery Merchant App).

iEatery does not collect any personal information about you (partner seller) unless you voluntarily provide it to us.

Note: iEatery doesn't share or rent your (partner seller) data with others. We store partner seller data for a lifetime to prevent fraud and keep our site secure and safe. However, it is entirely up to you (partner seller) whether to provide this type of information (mentioned below) or not. Providing the information is essential if you wish to become a partner with us.

Your (partner seller) personal information and official documents are collected and stored for record keeping purposes as you become a part of our growing community of Partners.

Phone Number/Address/Business Information: Your (partner seller) phone number is used to uniquely identify and communicate with you. The address is used for communication and fraud prevention. Business information is used to confirm that you (partner seller) are the business owner.

Crash logs & Device ID: Firebase Crashlytics are used to improve the app/web and identify system issues. The device ID is used to send order notifications.

Camera/Gallery Access (optional): Camera or gallery access is needed if you (partner seller) want to upload a photo, but it can be skipped.
Section 2: Other Websites
It is not applicable to other websites that our website or app may link to. The privacy policies listed on the other websites shall be applicable in such cases.
Section 3: Glimpse of All the Data iEatery Collect and Store by iEatery Merchant App
Data Type Functionality Purposes
Photos optional Account management
Crash logs optionalApp functionality, User Experience, App performance
Device ID required Send order notifications, App functionality Personalization and app performance.
Section 4: How long iEatery store customer’s data
We store customer data lifetime. To avoid fraud prevention. Also, to make our site secure & safe.
Section 5: Changes to This Privacy Policy
iEatery may update iEatery’s Privacy Policy from time to time, so iEatery encourages consumer to review it periodically. iEatery will post any changes to the Policy on this page, and iEatery will notify you (customer) of any significant changes. If you (customer) have any questions about iEatery’s Privacy policy, please contact us. Thank you (customer) for choosing iEatery.
Section 6: Contact Information
iEatery welcomes customer’s questions or comments regarding this Statement of Privacy. If consumers believe that iEatery has not adhered to this Statement, please contact iEatery at:

iEatery Limited
House 13, Gausul Azam Avenue, Sector 14
Uttara, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh.
Telephone number: +8809639639630